Our Coffee and Tea

Our coffee bean is Super Crema, an award winning bean.  Smooth, mellow and creamy with a uniquely satisfying flavour.

We proudly serve Shibui Leaf Tea

The coffee we serve is made using beans from Hounduas, India, Ehtiaopia and Uganda.  The Badra Estate is a family run piece of land growing exceptional Mysore coffee, among the best in the world.  Mild and creamy with notes of marzipan and vanilla in the finish.  Perfectly crafted, our Super Crema bean has a medium taste profile and a uniquely satisfying flavour, ideal for lattes and flat whites or a short intense espresso.

Shibui Tea are a family run business in Edinburgh with over 35 years of experience in the industry. We have created a menu which covers a wide range of loose leaf tea with natural flavours to suit all palates.  With a choice of premium classics through to fun and modern concepts, Shibui’s tea drinkers can be assured of a consistent quality product they can trust.

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