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Catering excellence in Aberdeen

We are a local independent café bistro specialising in good old-fashioned wholesome food made from natural ingredients and locally sourced, seasonal produce.

About Bev's

We are passionate about quality and taste, taking great pride in our thoughtfully-planned menus and presentation.

With distinguished training from the iconic Waldorf Hotel in London and a prestigious hospitality school in Italy, Bev’s culinary pedigree has taken her inside the legendary Harrods and a very royal kitchen at a ‘big house in London...'

Since moving to Fettercairn, Bev’s Bistro opened its doors to offer outstanding catering with a relaxing ambience for the people of Aberdeen, bringing together Bev’s passion for food and family entertaining.

Working together with master butcher and coeliac Alan, they have combined their skills to offer an expansive menu of high-quality food that caters for gluten free and wheat free requirements too.

Home-grown passion

Growing up in a family hotel owned by her grandparents, Bev’s childhood nurtured a love of good food, home-grown produce and large, heart-warming family gatherings.

Some of her earliest memories are of picking peas from the farm garden and shelling them with her grandfather on the kitchen steps, and the excitement of collecting fresh eggs from their chickens each morning.

Sundays were spent with friends and family, sharing long lunches that started at midday and finished in the evening, with fun and laughter echoing through their home.

It was here that her relaxed family dining ethos was borne, and the belief that food should be eaten slowly and savoured with good company.

From field to plate

We proudly select only the finest ingredients from highly-rated local suppliers with excellent mastery of food growing and rearing.

Our speciality fish comes from The Pished Fish and our tender meats come from Sheridan’s of Ballater and Bannerman’s of Inverbervie.

Dairy products are supplied by Devenick Dairy, while our plump berries are a credit to Castleton Farm.

Our fresh vegetable orders support local farmers such as Fernieflett Farm, Hardmuir Farm and The Potato Shed.

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